Maine Street.

A Collection of images from Maine winter, 2015/16. 

Will Mayo, half cab over fence to 50-50. 

Alex Cole boardslides through the s rail, Will Mayo films

Will Mayo, persistant.

Alex Cole, tucks up a rather large ollie. 

Will Mayo, blunt slide to closeout. 

Alex Cole, eyeing the line.

Alex Cole, Frontside boardslide through the curve.

Will Mayo, Ryan Kittridge haul Kujo the winch.

Alex Cole films a line with Will mayo.

Alex Cole, melon over the fence to boardslide.

Will Mayo tests out Kujo the winch for the first time. 

Will Mayo, Method through the tree.

Alex Cole, Melon to boardslide over fence. 

Will Mayo, pushin' weight.

Will Mayo and Alex Cole prep to film a line

Ryan Kittridge pulls Will Mayo with Kujo the winch.

Will Mayo checks for hang-ups. 

Alex cole, melon grab over fence to boardslide.

Will mayo, switch boardslide through the curve. 

Will Mayo, determined. 

Will Mayo, FS 360 indy.